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Israel represents one of the world’s foremost hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship.

TPG Growth, one of the world’s leading investors in expanding innovation and entrepreneurship with over $13 billion under management, made the strategic decision to tap into this environment by working alongside local partners who have deep knowledge of the local ecosystem combined with sourcing know-how gained from decades of on-the-ground experience.

Greenfield Partners, TPG Growth’s investment platform in Israel, embodies this vision by investing in Israeli entrepreneurs innovating in technology & tech-enabled businesses and then driving significant value through access to TPG Growth’s platform and its portfolio, as well as the operational expertise of the Greenfield Partners leadership.

With the ability to leverage TPG Growth’s investing expertise and business building platform, Greenfield Partners brings to the Israeli market the unparalleled capabilities of one of the world’s leading alternative asset firms, while simultaneously offering true value-added partnership to entrepreneurs and management teams at the forefront of global technology innovation.

Greenfield Partners is also committed to social impact investing through the Rise Fund, the world’s largest global fund committed to achieving measurable, positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns – what we call “complete returns.” Managed by TPG Growth, the Rise Fund invests in education, energy, food and agriculture, financial services, growth infrastructure, healthcare, and technology, media, and telecommunications companies that deliver complete returns.

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