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Vast Data brings an end to decades of complexity and application bottlenecks that have been caused by mechanical media and by complex tiering of data across different types of storage systems. Vast Data reduces the problem in order to achieve exponential gains, simplifying dramatically the customer experience that marries with the ability to compute on vast reserves of data in real time.

Since releasing V1 of VAST Data’s Universal Storage concept in November 2018, VAST Data has established itself as a leader among the fastest growing IT infrastructure companies of all time.


Avanan is the premier security solution for cloud-based email, messaging, and collaboration. Deploying in minutes, Avanan’s unique, multi-vendor security solution leverages the industry’s best technologies to protect organizations from advanced threats such as phishing, malware, data leakage, account takeover, and shadow IT. Avanan sells its solution under the Avanan label as well as through several white-label OEMs with some of the leading IT security vendors.

Big Panda

BigPanda enables Enterprise IT to intelligently automate and scale service operations to meet the complex demands of the modern datacenter. The company’s Algorithmic Service Operations platform turns IT noise from fragmented clouds, teams, applications, and monitoring tools into actionable insights to speed the resolution of IT incidents. Many of the world’s largest enterprises such as Workday, News Corp, and Cisco rely on BigPanda to power their service operations.


GuardiCore is an innovator in data center and cloud security focused on delivering more accurate and effective ways to protect critical applications from compromise through unmatched visibility, micro-segmentation, and real-time threat detection and response. Developed by the top cyber security experts in their field

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